Northern Italy is a premier destination when it comes to luxury locations and shopping too. The whole region offers fantastic travel experiences and visitors will experience a wonderful holiday in this part of Italy.

Central Italy contains several distinctive regions that have played a formidable role not only in Italian history, but in world history, In historical terms, Florence is second only to Rome in the history of this part of Italy

Southern Italy regions were exposed to some different historical influences than the rest of the peninsula, starting most notably with Greek colonisation. Southern Italy is more intense in many ways than northern Italy, it’s not necessarily the kind of trip everyone will enjoy.

Italian Islands both of the major islands Sicily and Sardinia are generally considered part of southern Italy, despite the fact that Sardinia is actually rather central geographically-speaking. Sicily is home to several important Greek ruins, as it was home to a large Greek settlement dating back to the 8th century.

Currency is the Euro and electical voltage is 220 volts. In the United States it is 110 volts, If you plan on using 110-volt appliances, you will need a voltage converter, unless your appliance is designed to also work with 220 volts electricity (dual voltage).

Public transport in Italy is generally very good. Travellers should be aware that tickets for public transport need to be endorsed in a ticket machine before the journey. Machines are located in entrances to platforms in railway and metro stations and on-board buses and trams. Failure to do so could lead to an on-the-spot fine.

Private hire is available at all major terminals. If you need a taxi, remember to look for the official metered white or yellow taxis. There are taxi ranks in many locations throughout, but is nearly impossible to hail one driving down the streets, particularly at night. Make sure your taxi is metered; Car hire is also available but beware if you are driving in the major cities as many roads have access restrictions and failure to adhere to these will result in a fine usually months after you return directly from the local police not the hire company.